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Title: Transverse Poisson Structures to adjoint orbits in a complex semi-simple Lie algebra


The notion of transverse Poisson structure has been introduced by Arthur Weinstein stating in his famous splitting theorem that any Poisson Manifold M is, in the neighbourhood of each  point m, the product of a symplectic manifold, the symplectic leaf  S at m,  and a submanifold N which can be endowed with a structure of Poisson manifold of rank 0 at m. N is called a transverse slice at M of S. When M is the dual of a complex Lie algebra  g equipped with its standard Lie-Poisson structure, we know that the symplectic leaf through x  is the coadjoint  G. x of the adjoint Lie group G of g. Moreover, there is a natural way to describe the transverse slice to the coadjoint orbit and, using a canonical system of linear coordinates (q1, ….., qk), it follows that the coefficients of the transverse Poisson structure are rational in (q1, ….., qk). Then, one can wonder for which cases that structure is polynomial. Nice answers have been given when g is semi-simple, taking advantage of the explicit machinery of semi-simple Lie algebras. One shows that a general adjoint orbit can be reduced to the case of a nilpotent orbit where the transverse Poisson structure can be expressed in terms of quasihomogeneous polynomials. In particular, in the case of the subregular  nilpotent orbit the Poisson structure is given by a determinantal formula and is entirely determined by the singular variety of nilpotent elements of the slice.


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